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TSUN is a leader in microinverter safety with EMC compliance!

May 06, 2024

Recent discussions have brought renewed attention to the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) concerns associated with microinverters. There is concern that microinverters that exhibit EMC issues could cause electromagnetic interference to electrical devices and wireless connections. In response to these concerns, TSUN reiterates that all microinverters it exports currently meet the relevant requirements of the German PV industry, including the EMC standard EN62920:2017.


In September 2023, TSUN, as a responsible company primarily focusing on user safety, conducted comprehensive EMC testing. Given the variability of test results due to different laboratory environments, testing was conducted at the VDE laboratory headquarters in Offenbach, Germany.


The testing and certification efforts of the VDE Institute are known for adhering to the highest German quality and precision standards and enjoy international recognition. Your testing laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and is a recognized testing laboratory (CBTL) in the IECEE international certification system (CB system). Successfully passing the EMC tests ensures that users can enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection and radio signals without interference from the microinverter, increasing the safety and reliability of their solar systems.

As a leader in the microinverter industry, TSUN remains committed to improving the safety and reliability of microinverters throughout their life cycle, providing a solid guarantee for the stable and efficient operation of home photovoltaic systems. In addition, TSUN continues to innovate within its product lines and will introduce a range of balcony storage and micro storage series products this year to further support the future of sustainable energy.


TSUN is Rongstar’s inverter cooperative brand, and we are confident in the quality of TSUN products. Currently, TSUN microinverters are in stock at Rongstar’s regional warehouses worldwide. To learn more about TSUN products, please click the link below:

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