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Jan 23, 2024

JA Solar has launched its latest n-type modules, the “SkyBlue” and “OceanBlue” series, designed for offshore photovoltaic (PV) applications. These modules, featuring a 635W power output and 22.8% module efficiency, cater to the evolving needs of the solar industry.

JA Solar launches Oceanblue and Skyblue series modules. Image: JA Solar
JA Solar launches Oceanblue and Skyblue series modules. Image: JA Solar

Customized Solutions for Offshore Challenges

With limited land for solar installations, the industry is exploring offshore alternatives. JA Solar’s modules aim to address challenges in offshore environments, including storms and salt spray.

The “SkyBlue” and “OceanBlue” series prioritize resilience, boasting features such as resistance to salt spray, ultraviolet radiation, humidity, and bird-dropping-induced hotspots. Leveraging JA Solar’s expertise in waterborne PV, these modules ensure reliability and weather resistance offshore.


Key Features of SkyBlue and OceanBlue Series

The “SkyBlue” series, tailored for pile-mounted installations and suitable for depths less than 10 meters or within 500 meters of the shore, uses double-coated film glass to prevent corrosion from water vapor. It incorporates second-generation double-coextruded EVA film for high water resistance, UV resistance, and high volume resistivity.

For offshore floating installations in waters deeper than 10 meters in nearshore areas, the “OceanBlue” series utilizes high-weather-resistant double-coated film glass. Featuring polyurethane frames for resistance to salt spray corrosion and lightweight properties, this series addresses challenges in offshore floating scenarios.


Stringent Testing Ensures Reliability

Both the “SkyBlue” and “OceanBlue” series have undergone rigorous testing, meeting industry standards such as ASTM E1597, Grade 8 salt spray tests, and wind tunnel tests. These tests highlight the modules’ resilience in extreme marine conditions, confirming their reliability for offshore PV applications.

JA Solar’s introduction of the “SkyBlue” and “OceanBlue” series signifies a strategic step toward providing efficient and reliable solutions for the offshore solar landscape. With a focus on addressing specific challenges and leveraging proven technologies, these modules are positioned to contribute significantly to the advancement of offshore photovoltaic technology.

Now, panel from JA Solar had launched in RONGSTAR EU warehouse, click here to see more information!

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